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Widex Hearing Aids

Widex strives to provide hearing loss patients the same opportunities that anyone with good hearing would experience. Experience high definition hearing and audiological solutions with their reliable and trustworthy service. Their doctors provide a multitude of evaluation services- including hearing consultation, counseling, and assessments. With further visits, they are highly adept in hearing assessments: otoscopy, tympanonmetry, puretone audiometry, industrial audiometry, paediatric audiometry , auditory brainstem response and more. Additionally, Widex specialists perform Electronystagmography (ENG) and Vestibular Caloric Testing to determine the level of your balance functions.


Over fifty years of persistent research have solidified Widex audiologists as true experts in developing thoroughly tested, flawlessly operating digital hearing devices. A true leader in the field, Widex offers a complete selection of uniquely crafted hearing aids like the CLEAR 440 wireless instrument that allows for complete synchronization between two ears and the world’s smallest Receiver-in-canal instrument- the incredibly discreet and comfortable PASSION 440 model. Widex provides expert selection assistance and guarantees a perfect fit for all styles of hearing aid: in-the-ear, behind-the-ear, in-the-canal, completely-in-canal, receiver-in-canal, micro behind-the-ear, and more.

The Widex name means complete hearing and quality of life restoration. Never-ending research, world-class audiologists, cutting edge technology and quality care ensures total customer satisfaction for all time.

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