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Tips for Buying a Hearing Aid

Purchasing a hearing aid is an important—and exciting—decision that will affect your quality of life. The following tips can help prepare you for the hearing aid purchase process:

  1. Get a check up with an ear, nose, and throat specialist to rule out any treatable medical cause for hearing loss. The doctor will present verification of the exam and a document stating you are a candidate for hearing aids. If required by the health provider, a referral to an audiologist can also be provided.
  2. Receive a consultation or exam from an audiologist. Bring a friend or family member along to help remember all of the important info the audiologist will be sharing. If the hearing professional does not bring it up, be sure to discuss your lifestyle and daily needs. Do you enjoy talking on the phone? Are large gatherings commonplace in your life? It’s important for the audiologist to know such things when helping to select the right hearing aid. It can also help save money on add-ons.
  3. Check out several hearing aid models with the hearing healthcare provider. Take your time, ask for demonstrations, and if possible, try the hearing aids on. This is an important investment related to the quality of your life. Read online reviews before purchasing hearing aids as well. Reviews can raise any questions or concerns you may have that the audiologist can answer and help highlight certain products.
  4. Get fitted for a hearing aid. A hearing aid fitting will customize a hearing aid to your required specifications, like activity level and even aesthetic taste.
  5. Know how to care for the hearing aid. The hearing healthcare professional should demonstrate how to clean the device and replace batteries, as well as provide a written copy of care instructions.
  6. Get a signed copy of the contract outlining exactly what is being purchased. It is vital to have in writing what the price, non-refundable fees, and trial and/or adjustment period is as well as what the warranty covers should there be any issues with the device.
  7. Before leaving the audiologist’s office, make sure the hearing aid properly fits, is comfortable, and meets your hearing needs.

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