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Accessories and Batteries

Modern hearing aids can be customized to meet anyone’s needs. Cleaning tools, storage cases, and wax prevention tools are some of the basic hearing aid accessories that will be provided by the hearing care professional, as will the batteries. Rechargeable hearing aids do exist, but the majority of the devices are powered by disposable batteries which differ based on the hearing aid size. The battery life also depends on the device size and how many hours per day the aid is used. On average, most batteries last between 5-14 days, meaning batteries for the hearing aids will need to be purchased regularly.

Long-term exposure to moisture can damage the internal parts of hearing aids. To ensure the hearing devices remain in good working condition, many people opt to use a hearing aid dehumidifier. To use they simply take the batteries out and place the hearing aids in the dehumidifier at night.

There are numerous optional hearing aid accessories available to choose from, as well. Many hearing aid devices emit a beep when the battery is low, but people who do not have that option can simply use testing devices to measure the remaining battery voltage before leaving the house.

Today’s hearing aids are usually Bluetooth compatible, allowing wearers to wirelessly connect to electronics like televisions, cell phones, and televisions, which can improve the enjoyment of entertainment as well as communication.

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