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Starkey Hearing Aids

With Starkey, hearing is their concern. The Starkey Hearing Technologies name means much more than just the hearing aids that they produce. Leaders in the field of hearing aid technology, audiology, hearing care, and unrivaled customer service, Starkey promises a truly exceptional experience. From day one of hearing restoration, patients can confidently expect more participation, more communication, and more opportunities in their lives to perform the daily things that they love to do without tripping on hearing loss hurdles.

Starkey: The Original Hearing Aid Masters

For 46 years, millions of hearing loss patients have been brought back to clarity with Starkey?s never-before-seen hearing instrument technologies. Unparalleled innovators, Starkey was the first company to develop and manufacture feedback-free; waterproof, in-canal style; and fully programmable, customized, invisible hearing aids. Additionally, Starkey is responsible for spurring a revolutionary wave of nanotechnological research and incorporation into the field. Undeniably, Starkey brings constant innovation and deep-rooted experience to the research and development of hearing care.

Starkey Fits Your Lifestyle

Starkey offers a comprehensive selection of hearing aid technologies for every lifestyle: invisible, advanced wireless, tinnitus treatment, digital, children?s, protective, and personal audio hearing aids. Each instrument is carefully engineered to deliver unmatched performance for every patient?s unique way of life and activity level. Additionally, Starkey realizes that every hearing loss patient exhibits unique size traits, comfort levels, and needs. They offer a complete collection of hearing aid styles: behind-the-ear, receiver-in-canal, in-the-ear, in-the-canal, completely-in-canal, and invisible hearing aids.

True pioneers in hearing aid technology and service, Starkey has built partnerships with millions of hearing loss patients. From the technicians in the research and development labs in Berkeley, California to hearing clinics all over the world, the Starkey name means quality, contemporary, and concern.

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