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Sonic Hearing Aids

Sonic knows how important hearing is for every single person. Believing in a world where every sound can enrich every ear, Sonic is committed to providing unparalleled customer service, care, and contemporary technological options to improve your hearing loss.


Sonic’s practice and mission is heavily rooted in their solution-driven corporate values. Providing a level of focus like few other manufactures, Sonic simply listens to every user and meets their needs. They recognize that no two patients are exactly the same: Sonic offers a complete selection of the most stylish and simple-to-use hearing devices. These include styles like behind-the-ear, in-the-ear, in-the-canal, hearing protectors, hearing care accessories and original models with exclusive functionality.


Sonic lines up patients’ lifestyles with one of their nine new and cutting-edge instruments. These models include the Flip- a compact receiver-in-canal instrument that features total connectivity to external audio devices and controllers like mobile phones, remote controls music players, televisions, computers, Bluetooth, and more. Sonic will work with you to determine your stage of hearing loss, comfort preferences, and activity levels to identify the perfect hearing instrument for you- whether it be the Flip, Groove, Varicom, Velocity, Ion, Touch, Endura, or Pep models. Sonic even provides varying wear-styles for each model: patients that choose a Varicom instrument will be able to choose between in-the-canal and nano behind-the-ear wear-style, for example.

Sonic makes lives easier and more enjoyable with enhanced hearing. With their comprehensive, honest, and friendly service, Sonic strives to make a genuine impact on the lives of hearing loss patients all over the world. Every day sounds better when you use a Sonic manufactured hearing instrument.

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