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ReSound Hearing Aids

ReSound provides outstanding sound by offering ground-breaking hearing aids that merge unique thinking and design with solid technology. ReSound aims to develop improved solutions that help people rediscover hearing, allowing them to once again lead rich, rewarding lives.

ReSound Offers Advanced Hearing Aid Developments

Since the company’s inception in 1943, ReSound has been responsible for a number of breakthroughs in the world of audiology. The open-standard digital chip placed a new standard for flexibility in programming, and the ReSoundAIR hearing aids was the start of a completely new kind of hearing aid that offered more natural sound and eliminated the discomfort of blocking the ear canal.

With headquarters in Denmark, ReSound is found in over 80 countries and is a member of the GN ReSound Group, one of the main hearing aid providers in the world. ReSound’s esteemed team of researchers work tirelessly to apply technology to real life situations.

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