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Oticon Hearing Aids

1 in 2 people over the age of 50 suffer from some degree of hearing loss. Oticon hearing instruments can help hearing loss patients all over the world reclaim their lease on life. Oticon strongly believes that your quality of life does not have to diminish when you become middle-aged.


Founded on deep roots of research and care, Oticon technologies began over 100 years ago when a Danish man Hans Demant traveled from Denkmark to England to buy and research a uniquely rare device worn by the Queen of England during her 1902 coronation ceremony. Driven by his passion to improve his wife’s life and countless others experiencing hearing impairment, Demark began importing and distribution of these hearing aids throughout Europe.


Oticon hearing aids allow patients of hearing loss to comfortably live their lifestyles. Choose from a collection of unique instruments that will fit your unique performance, design, power, and children’s needs. Oticon ended the days of clunky hearing devices. The renowned Alta hearing device is Oticon’s finest hearing aid: unparalleled sound quality, custom shape, revolutionary core technologies. On the forefront of technological advances in the hearing field, Oticon provides only the most stylish, compact, comfortable, and discreet options for your instrument selection.

Clear hearing has never been this easy or accessible. Hearing loss patients can confidently experience a new level of hearing comfort and discretion- Oticon helps men, women, children, and families live in worlds of true hearing clarity. 100 years later and hearing loss patients all over can still expect only the best.

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