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Kanye West and John Legend Producer on His Hearing Loss Battle

by April Maguire

Lil Louis is one of Chicago’s most famous music producers, best known for the 1989 dance hit, “French Kiss.” However, an unfortunate event could have an effect on Louis’ future career options. During a recent show, a promoter reportedly sounded an airhorn close to Louis’ left ear during an equipment check. As a result, the talented producer may now be suffering from permanent hearing damage.

The tragic incident occurred at a show in Manchester. While Louis was in the DJ booth, an unnamed manager attempted to test a powerful fog machine. According to reports, Louis experienced an immediate burst of pain followed by severe ear ringing and then silence. He was quickly taken to a nearby hospital, where an ENT diagnosed him with SIHL, or sound-induced hearing loss. Louis was treated with steroids.

Since the incident, Louis has suffered a number of unpleasant effects. Because the noise disrupted his equilibrium, Louis now has difficulty with basic activities including walking and going to the gym. Additionally, he suffers from severe nausea, lightheadedness and regular sleep disturbances affecting his quality of life.

In telling his story, Lil Louis says he is not looking for sympathy. Instead, he wants to avoid rumormongering by providing fans with the basic facts of this situation. Additionally, Louis hopes that sharing his experience may help protect others from suffering noise-induced hearing loss in the future.

Born in Chicago as Marvin Burns, Louis rose to fame in the 1980s and 90s with a series of Billboard Hot Dance Music hits. In the past few years, Louis has served as both a DJ and producer and worked with the likes of John Legend and Kanye West. It’s not yet known how severe the hearing loss is or whether it will have a permanent effect on Louis’ career.

Protect Your Hearing Health in the Future

Even short-lasting sounds can have a profound impact on your hearing health if they’re too loud or in close range. Further, even if you don’t experience noise-induced hearing loss immediately, the condition can develop over time after an incident. If you think you may have been exposed to a loud noise, don’t hesitate to schedule a hearing evaluation with a professional. Additionally, you should take care to preserve your hearing by keeping your music at a low volume and wearing protective headgear on the job. These steps can help safeguard your hearing health in the long term.

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