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How to Get The Most From School When You Have Hearing Loss

by April Maguire

It's time for another school year to start, which means millions of students will be returning to class. No matter your grade level, navigating the social pressures of school while balancing your scholastic workload can be a challenge, and that challenge is greater for students who suffer from hearing loss. If you have difficulty hearing, then you know how hard it can be to get the most out of your educational experience. But hopefully, you can make this school year a little bit easier by following these simple tips.

Pick the Right Seat

Students with hearing loss sometimes have a tendency to be wallflowers, so they will often choose seats near the back of the classroom or along the fringes. Unfortunately, this placement isn't optimal for learning. Instead, you should pick a seat near the front of class. Not only will this allow you to better hear your teacher, but the proximity will make it easier to read lips and maximize your learning potential.

Get Personal With Your Teachers

Speaking of getting closer to your teachers, it's also a good idea to make time to speak with your teachers individually so that they better understand your particular condition. Sure, the disability support staff at your school will probably inform your teacher of your hearing loss, but it's better if they learn about it firsthand from you. Be sure to offer up tips for how the teacher can best help you learn, and give them a rundown of any assistive devices that you use.

Understand Your School's Resources

Nowadays, most schools offer resources to students with disabilities. So to make sure you're taking advantage of everything your school has to offer, make an appointment with the disability support team. There may be technologies or accommodations that you don't even know about which could vastly improve your learning. So do your homework and make sure you're using all of your school's resources that you need.

Get Your Classmates on Board

If you've recently started a new school or you suddenly find yourself in a classroom full of strangers, then make sure you explain your hearing loss to others. First of all, just knowing about your disability will allow them to better communicate with you and ensure that you're able to participate in group discussions. Additionally, explaining your condition may help to put classmates at ease who could feel nervous or unsure about how to interact with someone who has hearing loss.

Suffering from hearing loss is no reason to let your academics suffer. By following these tips, you can help build an invaluable support system that will make sure you get the most out of your education.

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