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Failure to Deal with Hearing Loss Can Impact Your Health

by Jane Meggitt

Up to 40 million Americans suffer some degree of hearing loss, but less than 30 percent of those afflicted use some sort of hearing device. Older people may consider their hearing loss more of a nuisance than a genuine health issue, but hearing loss goes beyond turning the TV up several decibels or constantly asking others to repeat themselves. Seniors with untreated hearing loss are more likely to develop depression, moodiness and worse. Hearing loss is a risk factor for a later diagnosis of dementia.

Infants and Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is the second most common birth defect in newborns. Fortunately, virtually all babies born in U.S. hospitals are tested for hearing loss at birth. This testing, however, does not mean that affected children will receive proper hearing loss treatment as they grow. Failure to properly treat hearing loss in children results in developmental delays and will affect a person for the rest of their life.

Social and Job Performance

Untreated hearing loss may make sufferers avoid social situations, leading to feelings of loneliness, lack of self-esteem and self-confidence and isolation. It also has a negative effective on relationships and marital and dating life. If you’re single, don’t think a hearing aid will have impact potential date’s interest in you. Not understanding what someone says will have a far larger effect. Also, when you can hear and engage with others, your memory and cognitive abilities improve.

For those still in the workforce, untreated hearing loss can lead to poor job performance and even job loss. Some people do not want to wear hearing aids in the workplace because they feel it will make them appear old and “weak.” That’s unfortunate, as the ability to hear well greatly impacts the ability to learn new tasks and keep up with a job’s demands. Deciding to forego a hearing aid for cosmetic purposes may mean substantial reductions in overall earning power. Since hearing loss may affect a person’s ability to communicate effectively, it can impair a person’s ability to get a job or receive a promotion.

Personal Safety Risks

Personal safety is a health issue, and the inability to hear can cause injury and even death. This is especially true for hard-of-hearing drivers and pedestrians. Those with hearing loss are more likely to become crime victims, as they are simply unaware of potential dangers.

Hearing aids can improve your life in so many ways. For better health, make sure you can hear as well as possible.

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