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4 Ways to Prevent Hearing Loss as You Get Older

by April Maguire

Nobody said that getting older is easy, and the burdens of advanced age have been well documented. For millions of Americans, one of the hardest parts of ageing is hearing loss. In fact, according to experts roughly a third of people suffer from a noticeable amount of hearing loss but the time they reach their 60s, and that number jumps to almost half for people 75 or older. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to hold onto your hearing well into your golden years.

Protect Your Ears

Getting older certainly doesn’t help your hearing by any means, but it often isn’t the primary driver of hearing loss. In recent years, hearing loss advocates have become increasingly vocal about noise-induced hearing loss, which can affect people of any age. Loud noises can dramatically impair your hearing ability, and by limiting your exposure to blaring music or excessive noise in the workplace, you can help to hold onto your hearing for longer.

Have Your Hearing Checked Regularly

While many of us get physical examinations every year, most family doctors don’t incorporate hearing tests as part of your annual exam. Given how important hearing is to your everyday life, you should make an effort to get it regularly tested by a trained audiologist. While hearing problems often can’t be avoided entirely, early intervention is necessary to preserve your natural hearing ability for as long as possible. So schedule a hearing test as part of your annual checkup.

Wear Your Hearing Aids

If you’ve had your hearing tested and been prescribed assisted devices, then use them as often as possible. Without question, many people are self-conscious about wearing their hearing aids in public, but you shouldn’t let vanity impair your ability to hear. By neglecting to wear your assistive devices, you’re only exacerbating the problem and doing further damage to your hearing.

Make Note of Any Hearing Loss

Even though regular exams are important when it comes to hearing loss, self-monitoring is even more important. Yes, some hearing loss is inevitable as you age, but dramatic changes in your hearing need to be dealt with as soon as possible. In order to limit the fallout from hearing issues, be honest with yourself about your hearing ability, notice changes as they occur and keep a constant dialogue with your hearing specialist regarding your treatment options.

There are certainly challenges that come with getting older, but suffering with hearing loss doesn’t have to be one of them. By taking preventative steps early on and being proactive, you can dramatically slow the progression of hearing loss and keep one of your most precious senses intact.

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