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4 Simple Steps to Treating Hearing Loss

by Gregory S

In the last 50 years, there have been extraordinary developments in the field of hearing-assistive devices and technology. But these state of the art services and options are largely useless unless used by the people who need it most. If you feel you’re undergoing a form of hearing loss, check out the following steps to help ease your transition.

Receive a hearing evaluation

One cannot stress how important it is to address your hearing loss as soon as you recognize or discern a difference in your ears. Delaying evaluation could reduce your choices of treatment options. According to doctors, the brain faces increasing difficulty in comprehending certain sounds the longer certain hearing loss issues go untreated.

If you are uncertain about potential hearing impairment, consider these hearing loss signs.

  1. Do you find yourself increasing the volume of the television?
  2. Do you ever have trouble hearing the telephone?
  3. Do you ask other people to repeat what they are saying?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you should receive a hearing evaluation.

Be aware of available treatments and options

Modern medical marvels have made more hearing loss treatment options available than ever before. Once your specialist assesses your hearing, they may suggest a variety of options for treatment.

Keep your mind open. More often than not, hearing aids are still the best option for reducing hearing loss. However, there are numerous other treatments, including but not limited to middle ear implants, auditory brain stem implants and cochlear implants.

Getting to Know Your Device and Treatment

If presented with a hearing device, be sure to learn all you can about the device and how to use it correctly. Your hearing specialist is there to help you. Do not be afraid to ask them for assistance and hearing loss literature.

Coping with Hearing Loss

Beyond hearing aids and implants, everyday devices have been developed to assist people with hearing loss. These products include everything from alerting lights to help identify doorbell or phone rings and even smoke alarms. Likewise, home video and media have made closed captioning and subtitles for the hearing impaired readily available to people just like you!

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